A Lady Returned to Nigeria Lifeless in a Box After Moving to the US for Greener Pastures.

A woman shared a heart-wrenching video of her family receiving the body of their sister who passed away in the US.

A TikTok user identified as @lrettepassion has gotten netizens emotional with a video shared via her account.

The video showed her family receiving their sister’s body, who unfortunately lost her life in the United States.

According to Irette, her sister travelled to the United States with ambitious dreams and a determination to bring happiness to their mother’s life.

In the video, Irette’s family looked devastated as they cried, struggling to accept the loss of their beloved sister.

Family bids farewell to sister who died in the US

In her heartfelt message, lrette expressed her reluctance to accept her departure.

She described her sister as a vibrant princess who had big dreams and a desire to put a smile on their faces.

Sadly, her sister returned in a box, and she bid her angelic sister farewell.

Her words:

“My heart is broken, I still don’t want to believe you are gone. You travelled to the U.S as a very vibrant princess with huge dreams and the mind to put a smile on your mom’s face. Just to come back in a box. Farewell my angel.”

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