A man files for divorce after discovering his wife has three children from past relationships, not the one he was told.

A decade-old marriage between two lovers has been disrupted after the husband discovered his wife had been hiding a secret.

James Banda filed for divorce after discovering his wife lied about having only one child, only to reveal they have three children.

James, 30, acknowledged that he had to accept Barbara, 29, and her child because he was a father himself and he also had a child.

The 30-year-old husband from Kitwe, Zambia, has filed a lawsuit against his wife for what he describes as deceit.

The man named James Banda is said to have married his 29-year-old wife Barbara, a fellow member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, in 2013.

Barbara’s trouble began when she finally mustered courage to revealed her secret to her husband, leading to a divorce and the discovery of her three children’s relationships.

She informed him that she actually has three children from past relationships, not just the one she had previously claimed.

“When we were about to get married she told me she had one child and I accepted because I also had one. Two years later she said she had three children and this came as a surprise to me,” an angry James said

James told the court that he was disappointed and wanted to leave the marriage because it was built on lies. He added that he was not only annoyed at his wife and his family for lying to him but was also not able to provide for the three children.

Barbara, despite her husband’s second wife marriage, refused a divorce and apologised for her actions. She expressed readiness for a polygamous marriage, stating she still loved her husband and was ready for forgiveness.

“I asked for forgiveness from my husband after telling him and he forgave me but his family started forcing him to divorce me because of the past mistake,” she revealed.

According to Barbara’s testimony, the court refused to provide the pair divorce papers. Barbara and James were instructed to return to court once they had reached consensus.

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