US-Based Woman Orders N350k of Okra Soup, Vegetable Stew, and Fish Stew in a Viral Video.

A famous chef on TikTok revealed the bowl of okra soup an American resident ordered from Nigeria

The soup she showed off had seafood and all manner of condiments, and it was in a white 5L bowl

A popular Nigerian chef on TikTok has showcased different bowls of soups that got many talking online.

Words written on the video read: “320k”, as she presented a big bowl of okra with all manner of condiments. She (@hotmbycheft) said a woman from the US ordered it.

Bowl of delicious okra soup

She also showed a vegetable soup that had eight pieces of fish. Other local dishes like stew, Edikangikong and fried rice shrimp were also there.

Many Nigerians were confused about whether the N320k was for the entire meal or just the 5L of okra soup.

Watch the video below:

Celebrities Flight has compiled some of the reactions below:

kopex4luv said:

“Hmm and what chef dammy will do for a token price 50k.”

abigailfunmilayo4 said:

“Miss alade no dey cook for house abi.” wutty1 said: “If everything here is 320k then it’s cheap.”

Luizzyado said:

“Who no fit enter kitchen we say “It worth It” The 320k is for all or for just one? with 50k, I can Cook any of the Soup.”

Chloe cj asked:

“How will you ship this to USA?”

egheeghe293 asked:

“How do you ship it? won’t it get bad before it arrives the USA.”

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