A video of a white lady pounding fufu for her in-laws sparks massive reactions.

The woman directed the usage of the pestle by an elderly woman who was seated over the mortar.

While some individuals focused on the elder woman’s actions, many others had conflicting views regarding how the lady hammered.

Fans of social media have gone crazy over a video showing a white woman energetically pounding yam.

A video of a white woman slamming a yam has sparked reactions from internet users. The African partner of the Caucasian woman laughed at her as he recorded her and posted it on the social media site TikTok.

The older woman was supervising the white lady in the video, who was beaming with joy as she hammered with great force. To the amazement of the white lady, the older woman placed her hand fearlessly into the mortar to arrange the delicacies.

She asked the older woman to watch her hand loudly at one point. Online users were giggling at the video.


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