Akosua Agyapong: “Celebrities are not marrying other celebrities because of insecurity and mistrust.”

Legendary highlife singer Akosua Agyapong of Ghana has expressed concern over the rising tendency of Ghanaian celebrities staying away from marriages in their respective fields.

The musician turned TV personality highlighted that musicians who got married outside of the business had prosperous lives in a recent interview on Graphic Showbiz.

“I have observed for a very long time that celebrities enjoy their marriages and also stay together for a longer period because their partners are not in the limelight,” she said.

Akosua Agyapong, who was once married to Highlife musician Amandzeba, emphasized from personal experience that doubts and uncertainties might occasionally arise due to the widespread mistrust produced by the spotlight that both celebrities share.

“If you do the same work that I do, there will always be trust issues. You are in the limelight, and I am too, so when you step out, I will always have doubts in my mind, no matter the trust,” she added.

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