Bolanle Ninalowo Declares Divorce From Wife And Deletes Her Instagram Page: “It Was Necessary For Peace”

Bolanle Ninalowo Declares Divorce From Wife And Deletes Her Instagram Page: "It Was Necessary For Peace"

Nollywood performer Bolanle Ninalowo has announced the end of his marriage to Bunmi.

The actor admitted that it was vital for him to split from his children in order to have a tranquil future.

The actor stated that their separation was irreconcilable and that their marriage would end.

In a lengthy statement, Ninalowo added that it was tragic reality for him and his children. But he continued, “It’s essential for a peaceful future.”

The actor shared how he prayed and put all his effort into preventing the separation from happening.

He said:

“A sad reality i prayed, nutured and worked tirelessly hard never to experience for the sake of all. A sad reality i now have to accept as i realize that my kids are much grown with better sense of understanding and knowledge of my pain & struggles regarding them! A sad reality that screams that i wont live or be around forever and must take care of my health & mental state for the goodness of all. May God help me and reward me with all i truly deserve or punish me for all i have done wrong if that be the case. In the end we will all live with the consequences of our actions..”

The actor also appealed to the public to respect his family’s privacy and pray for him and his wife as they heal and move on with their independent lives while jointly taking care of their children.

Meanwhile, it was previously reported that Bolanle Ninalowo stirred emotions online with a post he shared to celebrate his family as he described them as his most significant investment. Nino B, who has been more family-oriented since he publicly apologised to his wife for cheating on her, continues to prove his dedication and love for his nuclear family. Read

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