Burna Boy: Musician Tries Ghanaian Jollof, Says Complex They Served A Bad Version “They Tried To Sabotage GH”

Burna Boy: Musician Tries Ghanaian Jollof, Says Complex They Served A Bad Version "They Tried To Sabotage GH"

In a Complex interview, Burna Boy was asked to sample a variety of jollof rice and identify the country in which it originated from Africa. Until he tried the Ghanaian jollof, whose flavor he couldn’t place, the Nigerian afrobeats musician tasted each jollof and made accurate guesses. Burna was shocked to learn it was Ghanaian jollof and expressed his opinion that it was superior to the jollof they had previously served him in both flavor and appearance.

During a recent interview with Complex, Nigerian afrobeats superstar Burna Boy participated in a food-tasting test. The task required sampling and identifying several jollof rice kinds from various African nations. There are frequent arguments about which country makes the best jollof rice, a popular West African delicacy.

He tasted each type of jollof rice that was put in front of him and properly identified the nations of origin. That is, until the Ghanaian entry came into view. The low quality of the Ghanaian jollof that was served perplexed the artist.

Burna Boy got a surprised expression on his face and a perplexed one when he realized the specific cuisine was Ghanaian. He brashly informed Complex that the flavor and appearance of Ghanaian jollof were amiss and tasted nothing like the Ghanaian jollof he knew. Compared to the rich, reddish appearance typical of true Ghanaian jollof, the jollof he was served on the show, he observed, was paler.

Ghanaians expressed their thoughts on the turn of events in the video’s comment area. Some people hypothesized that by presenting a poor rendition of the Ghanaian dish, Complex may have been trying to harm Ghana’s reputation in the current jollof competition.

Debate sparked by Burna Boy’s jollof-tasting experience

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