Exam Answers Provided By A Student Become Viral And Trend On Twitter.

A school student provided a humorous response to a test question, and the script has now gone viral on Twitter.

The child simply provided a random response using a logical picture without bothering to attempt to answer the question. People are laughing a lot about the responses he provided after they were posted on Twitter.

The child surprised his teacher with the kind of answer he gave to one examination question.

The first question appeared to be a case of critical reasoning, but the youngster did not bother to figure it out; instead, he simply provided a logical response.

The first question goes:

“Bobby has 4 dimes, Amy has 30 pennies. Which child has more money?

Exam response from a student goes viral

To this question, the boy’s answer was Bobby, and the teacher marked him as correct.

The issue arose when the boy was instructed to think through his response and explicitly explain how he arrived at the response he provided to thefirst question.

The second question says:

“How do you know? Show your thinking.”

To answer this second question, the boy drew a funny image of a thinking child, which means he was showing himself reasoning out the answer. The tweet was first shared by @OfficialMaggieL.


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