Gh Prophet Azuka says, “I Am The One Who Made Inaki Williams Score The Black Stars Goal.”

The controversial self-proclaimed prophet from Ghana, Azuka, has asserted that he is the reason why Black Star striker Inaki Williams scored the first goal in the team’s history.

He claims that by carrying out certain spiritual rites, he made it possible for Inaki Williams to score.

Prophet Azuka claimed in a TikTok live video that he is the only prophet to have received a revelation from God before to the 2022 World Cup stating that Inaki Williams would be too worn out spiritually to score a single goal for the Black Stars.

Because he loves Inaki Williams so much, Prophet Azuka claimed to have mentioned in church the day before the game that he would do rituals to untie Williams’s score against Madagascar.

He claims that he performed the spiritual exercises and ceremonies that ultimately led to Inaki Williams’ goal.

The striker, meantime, has given God the credit for his goal against Madagascar.

He posted on social media, saying, “It wasn’t lack.” God was the one.

Watch video below

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