Ghanaian Woman Says She Used Charm To Win Her Husband’s Love But It Has Stopped Working

In a heartfelt letter to Sister-Sister on Citi FM, Ghanaian woman Akua shared her journey of enchanting her husband Kwame with the help of a witch doctor, which resulted in their joyful marriage

Akua, a Ghanaian woman who claims she is celebrated for her beauty and ardent dreams of finding genuine love, has penned an anonymous letter to Sister-Sister on Citi FM.

In her heartfelt account, she unravelled a tale of fate and unexpected consequences that have left her in need of guidance.

According to her, the story began on a sunny day in Osu, where her gaze met Kwame’s, a charming and charismatic man who instantly ignited a deep connection within her.

Determined to make him her own, Akua says she embarked on an extraordinary journey seeking assistance from a witch doctor known for his power to enchant hearts and lead them to wedlock.

This enchantment indeed worked wonders, according to her, with Kwame falling profoundly in love, leading to their joyful marriage.

How the charm stopped working and why Akua needs help

However, the unforeseen transpired when Kwame innocently reportedly stumbled upon a particular mirror, a seemingly insignificant incident that shattered the spell, casting a shadow over their once-thriving love.

“He has since been a different person, he doesn’t even hug me anymore, he doesn’t touch me, he doesn’t even greet me. The husband I married has changed; he can’t even stand my presence,” she said

Now, she is grappling with a husband who desires divorce and a witch doctor who has passed away, which has left her at an emotional crossroads

Akua seeks advice from listeners on how to salvage her marriage and rekindle the love she once shared with her husband

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