Ghanaians Are Excited When FIFA World Cup Official Account Plays King Promise’s Terminator Again

FIFA’s official TikTok account shared a video of their volunteer team performing King Promise’s Terminator dance at the FIFA Under 17 World Cup, causing excitement among Ghanaians.

The video conveyed the optimistic vibe of the competition while featuring King Promise’s Terminator. The volunteers’ coordinated dance steps and upbeat song have quickly gained popularity, garnering praise from fans on social media and elevating the competition’s joyous atmosphere.

Fans from Ghana, in particular, have not wasted any time in expressing their happiness in the TikTok post’s comments section. Many Ghanaians have expressed happiness about the integration of their favorite music with the international football tournament, thanks to the embedded Terminator song.

This is the second time FIFA has used King Promise’s song in a video. Several Ghanaians expressed their satisfaction in the video, pointing out that the Terminator dance has gone viral worldwide. Check out this video.

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