Google introduces a new solution to get rid of virtual desktops

By migrating from Windows to ChromeOS devices while keeping access to their Windows programs, Google and Cameyo are introducing a new solution that will help businesses save money and boost productivity.

Organizations can do away with pricey and unsafe virtual desktops while still having access to all of their applications thanks to ChromeOS Virtual App Delivery with Cameyo. In comparison to virtual desktops, it is asserted that this will lower total cost of ownership by 54% while enhancing security and user experience.

Many organizations are having trouble with the significant overhead caused by delivering full virtual desktops, according to Naveen Viswanatha, head of product, ChromeOS Solutions at Google. While many organizations previously relied on virtual desktop solutions like VDI and DaaS to deliver their legacy software to end users. Users simply need seamless, convenient, and secure access to their apps in order to maximize productivity in today’s cloud-first environment. The solution is ChromeOS Virtual App Delivery using Cameyo.

Businesses can now publish all of their apps, including Windows, Linux, SaaS, and internal web apps, to the web, independent of whether cloud or on-premises data center hosts them thanks to the combination of Chrome OS and Cameyo.

Any application may be delivered by businesses as a PWA quickly and efficiently.

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