“He Abandoned Us” Chinese Man Gets Nigerian Lady Pregnant in Shagamu, She Gives Birth to Unique Child.

A video of a Nigerian lady who got pregnant for a Chinese man living in Shagamu, Ogun state, was shared online The video showed that the mother had given birth to a baby with unique hair and skin tone like the Chinese people

Chinese man who lived and worked in Nigeria got a lady pregnant, and she gave birth.

The man fell in love with the Nigerian lady in Shagamu, Ogun state, where he worked, and their relationship led to pregnancy.

The lady kept the pregnancy, and she gave birth to a unique-looking baby with physical features like the Chinese.

Chinese man abandons mother and child

Sadly, the man reportedly abandoned the woman and the baby when returning to his country.

The man was said to have insisted on buying the baby with money, a proposal the mother rejected, and he left for his country without them.

A caption on the video reads:

“This young lady was impregnated by a Chinese expatriate somewhere along Sagamu Abeokuta expressway. The affair was blissful until it was time for him to return to his country; he then demanded that she ‘sell’ the baby to him, or else he wouldn’t fend for it. She declined to sell the baby, and he has decided to cut off mother and child.”

Reactions to the video of a lady impregnated by Chinese man

@MoSuo777 said:

“There is nothing to be done. Nigerian girls should stop fidgeting and vibrating when they see Asians and white men.”

@NkyEzenwa commented:

“Did she report it to the police? If she did, why was he allowed to leave the country?”

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