How to Add a Friend on Gettr

How to Add a Friend on Gettr
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Gettr allows you to read and post short messages called “Gettr post” also allows you to repost and share other people post using your phone or computer, but it may be a jumble of disorganized information: Gettr posting other languages, from other countries or from people you have no interest in following. To narrow down your Gettr  update list, you can “Follow” other users to give their Gettr post priority over others. One way to add users to your follow list is to find friends using your Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN Messenger or AOL contact lists. You can add friends from contact lists to Gettr  using either the Gettr  website or the Gettr  app on your Android or iOS mobile device. This import process is not supported on the mobile Web version of Gettr .

  1. Open the Gettr website and log in to your user account.
  2. Click the “Search GETTR” button on the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. Click “Find friends” in the left-hand panel.
  4. Click the “People’’ button next to the service you wish to get contact information from.
  5. Window that appears and confirm any messages requesting access to your contact information.
  6. Click the “Follow” button underneath each person you wish to follow in the list of your contacts who use Gettr  that appears or click the “Follow when ever you see someone you wish to follow.

How to Follow Gettr Users Who Mention or Post About You

Small business that rely on social media for marketing need all the help they can get, so when a Gettr user post about you or your business, it may be a good chance to recruit that user into your follow list. Each post that includes your Gettr Handle appears on your Gettr feed as “Mention”, making it simple to track users talking about you on the social network. Follow Gettr users that mention you using either the Gettr website or the mobile app for iOS-and Android-based devices.

Using the Gettr Website

1.Log into your Gettr account. If you are using the mobile version of the website click ”Mentions” in the top menu.

2. Click ”Mention” on the right side of the screen. A list of all posts that mention you appears.

3. Click on the user you wish to follow. The user’s profile screen appears.

4. Click on the “Follow” button underneath the user’s profile.

5. Click on the close button to returned to the ”Mentions” screen.

6. Repeat step 3 to 5 for each user you wish to follow.

Using the iOS – or Android-based Gettr App

  1. Click on the iOS-or Android- based Gettr app on the screen. log into your Gettr account.
  2. Tap on ”Mentions” at the top of the screen if you are using an android device, the button is located at the top right of the screen.
  3. Tap on the post that mentions you.
  4. Tap on the profile icon of the user that sent the post.
  5. Tap ”follow” underneath the user’s profile name.
  6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 for each user you wish to follow.

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