Well I’m assuming by “friends” you don’t necessarily mean people that will stand up at your wedding. It’s very easy to connect with people with like interests on Twitter. Here’s a few tips for making relevant connections:

Have a good profile – Your profile consists of a few elements: header image, bio, bio picture, pinned tweet. Without getting into much detail, make sure your bio is complete and represents you well.

Follow relevant people – The tried and true method for getting followers on Twitter is to follow others. You can use Twitter advanced search to find people that are talking about things you like. For example if you’re a Jason Miller’s fan you can set up a search for people mentioning Jason  Miller Gettr. If you follow them there’s a good chance they’ll follow you back (especially if you mention Star’s on Getter in your bio).

Master the hashtag – Hashtags are fun but they are really useful in attracting the crowd you want. Hashtags make your posts more searchable and should be used as often as you can. Typically 2, maybe 3 hashtags are plenty.

There’s plenty other info like how often to post and what to post and such. In general as long as you tweet consistently and don’t say things that are utterly useless you’ll be ok. Making friends on twitter is the same as in real life. Present yourself well and hang out with like people.

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