Gettr Marketplace help it users to  Buy and Sell Items Locally or Shipped. Buy or sell new and used items easily on Gettr Marketplace, locally or from businesses. Find great deals on new items shipped from stores to your door. In this article I am going to teach you how you can make seven figures from your gettr account. People used to say why gettr doesn’t allow monetizing so that people can make money from their account but I keep telling them though there is no monetizing available but I earn genuine money from using gettr and am proud of it. People keep asking …….

  • How do I buy something from gettr
  • How do I sell something on gettr
  • How do I turn my gettr account as a marketplace of ideas
  • How does following helps on gettr market place
  • How do I buy and sell responsibly
  • What kind of things can’t be sold on gettr
  • How do ratings works on gettr market
  • What are some tips of buying and selling electronics on Gettr Marketplace
  • Is gettr responsible things sold on gettr marketplace

How do I sell something on Gettr

Though gettr is new but it objectives and aim towards the future is to make sure it users sell and buy items. So as a creative users of gettr you need to set up your gettr account as a business brand and control what you post on your home page you can’t post anything at all you come across online and expect your viewers to patronize in what you are selling, perhaps they might think you are a scammer or fraud.

Make sure you post items relating to your business for your customers or viewers to trust you more on your service. Always make you provide your contact information so that people can reach out to you even off Gettr platform.

Make sure you provide the price of your product or service on your gettr account because online buyers compared price.

Always meet your buyers in a public place so as to make the buyer feel safe from scam and fraud activities.

How do I buy something from Gettr

Whenever you want to buy something online especially on gettr make sure you have enough contact detail of the seller.

Always make sure you meet the seller in public for your own safty and genuine transaction. It is also advisable not to meet the seller alone always make sure you provided enough security for yourself especially when the price off the item or service is high.

How do I turn my Gettr account as a marketplace of ideas?

As a businessman or woman you need to respond most of the comment under your account especially when they are asking question pertaining to your business.

Make sure you control your emotions and not respond harshly to your customers even if he or she is making   you more annoying. Remember once you write stupid to your customers on your comment section, it discourage other people who want to transact business with you.

Make sure you explain yourself simply as you can but included all important information you required to convince the customer.

Always listen to other people views about you and never let it have bad influence on you but let your objectives of the business lead you.

How does followers helps on Gettr market place

Followers helps a lot in transacting business on Gettr platform, the more followers you have the more you are likely to reach you goal. Eg If Samuel has 100k followers (100,000.00 followers)  and he post a brand new shoe for sale within 24 hours more than 100k people will see what you are selling because ypur loyal followers will repost the shoe on their home page and to surprise you more the buyer might come from your followers but rather outside your followers due to the reposted of the shoe.

How do I buy and sell responsibly

After establishing you gettr account as a business, someone may say “I don’t have money to buy and sell product or services. Sometimes you can repost what is for sale by another person who is reliable and increase the price once you get an order you call  to find out if the product is available and ready for sale.

Also you are responsible for controlling your business and running your account as a store and making sure at the end of the year you get profit.

What kind of things can’t be sold on gettr

Remember Gettr has rules and regulations which every  gettr user must obey and follow, if you only want to be block permanently or suspension then you can disobey.

Remember gettr hate pornography and once your account is been noticed as porn related post then your account will be suspended.

Also when your followers report you on consecutive times over bad conduct or scamming then you will be blocked. So know what your business is all about and protect your business brand name.

How do ratings works on gettr market

For now gettr lack some features about marketing but mind you once people recommend you and appreciate your service through your comment section, then people will start believing and trusting your service or operation .never alow negative coment bring you down but build your business strong when you relies your mistakes.

   What are some tips of buying and selling electronics on Gettr Marketplace

Electronics appliance are the major items for sale on more online platform due technology advancement. People love to sit at the comfort of their own a choose the best appliance. Which most buy it once there are good comment about the product.

                 Is gettr responsible things sold on gettr marketplace

Gettr is not responsible of your business activities but will only come in when there negative comment or report about you and so I always tell people genuine business and God their maker will bless them in it good time. this are some of the gettrhacks you can follow to make money.

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