I Gave My Boss One Chance But He Keep Asking To Share Me With My Husband-To-Be – Lady Cries

I am a 30-year-old lady and the relationship between my boss and I has been going on for a while now.

It all began when I was returning from an interview as part of looking for a job. I met him while I was standing at the roadside waiting for a car. I had stood there for like 30 minutes and no car was coming so I decided to walk to the station.

As I was walking, his car stopped by me and he offered me a ride. I didn’t decline his offer thus joined me in his car. After having a conversation, this man said he would offer me a job so I should come by his office on Monday.

I went there on Monday, we talked and after the conversation, he gave me my appointment letter adding that, I would be starting work the next day. I couldn’t hide my joy and at that moment, I hugged him to show my appreciation to him.

My first year at the company was blissful. I always had a ride to and after work and got free lunches and sometimes dinner from him, My boss took me to every social gathering he went to. I hardly spent my salary.

In my second year, he proposed his love to me. I would have said yes if he was not married but he was so I said no to him. He then told me that saying no meant I would have to quit my job.

I was also not ready to do that because it’s not easy finding a job to do these days. I had no option but to accept his proposal.

He is an interesting person so dating him was fun but now I want to break up with him because I have found a man I want to marry.

I informed him about my decision but he said he was not ready to break up with me. He told me I could go ahead to get married but we would still be seeing each other. Like how?

I have tried my best to convince the man to let me go but it proved futile.

How do I end this relationship, please?

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