“I See Us As Very Blended Family,” Says Man Who Marries Wife He Met Online And Adopts Her 6 Boys.

Tony Thomas, who met Lexy on an online dating site, happily adopted her six children after they tied the knot.

A handsome man who met the love of his life online has moved in with her and her kids after finalizing the legal processes of adoption.

Tony Thomas moved in with Lexy and her adorable six children she had from her previous marriage.

The couple met on an online dating site, and after productive conversations, Tony visited her in Kentucky, where she lived with Elijah, 16; Isaiah, 15; Ethan, 14; Sheldon, 12; Simeonchanging, 10; and Iridius, seven.

Despite many discouraging them, they tied the knot in 2018, saying their long-distance relationship would not work.

“The odds weren’t in our favour. No one believed it could work out, but it did. I was married previously to my boys’ biological father, which unfortunately ended, but he’s no longer in their life and hasn’t seen them since they were younger,” Lexy explained.

Flight to Florida from Kentucky

After adopting Lexy’s six children, Tony showed genuine love as the single mum and her boys moved to Florida.

“‘I booked last-minute flights for all the boys to see Tony, and because I was granted full custody, they never went back to Kentucky.

The judge said it’s been one in two cases where she has ever permitted the biological parent to move to another state from the other biological parent,” Lexy shared.

Lexy hails husband Tony

The young boys love their new father so much that they took his surname as one, even changed his first, middle and last name.

Lexy praised her husband, saying he possessed all the characteristics she looked for in a man.

‘I had prayed for all the great characteristics in a man that I see in Tony. I didn’t pray for like a super weird husband, but that’s what I got. But then I got all these other things,” she noted.

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