Interracial Couple: Journalist from Italy Says She Wants To Have 12 Children With Her Ghanaian Husband

Czech Republic journalist Anna-Marie revealed that she wants to have twelve children with her Ghanaian husband, Aaron Donkor, as they opened up about their nearly two years marriage.

During a recent trip to Ghana, Anna-Marie, who is also the author of one book, expressed her interest in adopting children.

When asked about how they enriched their marriage, the interracial couple responded that they had to understand and appreciate one another’s culture.

“Many couples don’t work out because the women must understand the husband’s culture and want to learn. I’m not the only one learning about my husband’s culture; he’s also learning about my culture, and he sometimes behaves in a way that will also make me and my family happy.

“We live in Europe, so automatically, my culture will be all around him, so the little I can do is try to keep his culture in the marriage,” Anna-Marie said

They also talked about the difficulties they encountered in the early stages of their love life and union.

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