Gettr is a social media website that for posting ideas and engaging in conversation with friends freely on. Getter website is design for easy us, though it is a new app that was launch in just 4 July, 2021 but has a lot of gettr reviews. Gettr site or Gettr app have been constantly changing, and adding new features to improve the appearance and performance among the already existed giant social media platforms. People often ask ‘’is Gettr free”  of course gttr site is free. Gettr CEO Jason Miller made it known by the public that Gettr website and Gettr app is totally free social media website without any paid subscription.

What is Gettr

Gettr is an app, website, that allow subscribers to post, comment, repost, and share information among the app or website freely. Gettr users have made comparison of Gettr app to Twitter, but since Gettr has similar features of twitter we comes to conclusion to say that Jason Miller’s social media app has Twitter like features. How ever people who constantly used Twitter has upper hand in using gettr platform app. To be able to access gettr you need to download Gettr app from play store or iOS store. Gettr app download on mobile phone or computer can only be sign up with active gmail account or phone number. In terms of Gettr support and gettr terms of service all gettr users must read the user guide to avoid violating rules and regulation regarding the gettr app.

Is Gettr Hacked Before?

Gettr social media app was hacked few days after launching early July, 2021.  Gettr social media platform is the only app that has been hacked early after launch. But the support team the gttr app immediately the news was published in magazines and news blogs.

Is Gettr Created For Political Purpose?

Gettr wasn’t created for political reason but alternative means of reaching your audience when your existing account on other social media block or suspended. Since Gettr works independently and doesn’t rely on any other existing app. Gettr gettr com login is the simple way to shout out and great your followers from any other political background how ever conservatives furries dominate on gettr app. Getter CEO Jason Millers getter social media app is how serve as an advantage for top personalities in politics whose existing social media account have been block to sign up and login for new profile and engage audience. Some of this victims all Ex. President Donald Trump, Joe Rogan and few individuals. In conclusion  Gettr app is automatically free of charge and rated as the fastest growing social media ever existed with over 6 million sign up also gettr is not for political agenda because gettr can’t afford to loose all the money invested to promote the app just because election is over.

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