Mad Woman Gives Birth Handsome Baby Boy With Fair Skin, Photos Go Viral: “No Nurse, No Doctor”

A mentally unstable woman gave birth to a handsome baby boy, whose photos on Facebook melted users’ hearts and congratulated her.

A woman said to be mentally unstable has given birth to a handsome baby boy, and the photos have gone viral.

Photos of the woman and her baby were posted on Facebook by Gabby Queens, and they melted the hearts of many people.

The photos show that the woman gave birth in the open as she was seen sitting at the back of a building.

Photos of a mentally unstable woman and her handsome baby

She laid her baby on the ground and watched it closely. Another photo revealed the baby’s face and showed his cute, fair skin.

Gabby did not mention when or where the woman gave birth but said there were no doctors or nurses, yet she delivered successfully.

She wrote:

“No doctor, no nurse, no mother, no support, no good fruits, no hospital, yet this mad woman miraculously gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. God is wonderful.”

People who saw the woman and her baby took to the comment section to congratulate her.

Facebook users react to photos of mad woman who gave birth to a baby boy

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