Man Signs a Complex Signature That Has Bird, and a Photo of It Goes Viral on Twitter: “This is a Drawing”

A photo of a man signing a complex signature that resembles an artistic drawing has gone viral after being shared on Twitter

The signature, written with a blue pen, even has a drawing of a bird on it, as if it was an artist who created it. The signature sparked reactions, as many Twitter users said it was practically impossible for anyone to copy

A Twitter photo of a complex signature by Yabaleftonline sparked reactions among netizens, but the actual owner was not mentioned.

The signature looks so complicated, with a bird neatly drawn. The photo shows that the signature was signed on February 9, 2014, but it does not carry the owner’s name. Others argued that it might not be a signature but a work of art because of the bird.

Twitter users react to a photo of a man with a complex signature, as seen in a viral Twitter post.

@Giftyvitalis said:

“This is a drawing.”

@Ccee_JAY_ said:

“This is not hard to recreate, very simple for an artist.”

@youngskidmusic said:

“Looks like my signature when that bird is excluded.”

@SteveCypha commented:

“Imagine drawing bird anytime they ask you to sign. No be witchcraft be that?”

@datchughuy said:

“Even the owner go suffer to recreate.”

@tweetsbygoody commented:

“This is a logo, not a signature.”

@skiduski said:

“Dem say sign document you dey draw a bird. The day you go need to sign more than 20 pages of document and all the birds no resemble you go hear am.”

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