Man Sobs as He Tells the Heartbreaking Story of “How I Found Myself Sleeping under Oshodi Bridge after 21 Years in America”

A Nigerian man who had lived in the US for 21 years has spoken out about how he ended up sleeping under the Oshodi bridge in Lagos.

The man passionately told his astounding story while crying in a radio interview that was repeated by @instablog9ja.

He said that a bank had funded his study abroad program in London, where he studied banking and finance for nine years.

After a strange dream he had one day, things changed for him. He was flying around in the dream when he was welcomed to the Bahamas, where he normally took vacations.

He was subsequently welcomed to London, then to Africa, and finally to Nigeria. When he started hearing the sounds of Lagos’ “molue,” or yellow public buses, he became even more disoriented in the dream.

He said he became ill after the dream and was sent to a hospital in California, where he later realize he was not the same person.

He blamed his elder brothers for being responsible for his ordeal. According to him, they received him at the airport, took his belongings and dumped him at a psychiatric hospital in Yaba and after six months with no relative coming for him, he was thrown out and that was how he ended up in Oshodi.

Watch the video below:

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