Mercy Johnson inspires fans with the words “Life Is A Gift, Not A Right” as she celebrates turning 39 in stunning, elegant outfits.

Mercy Johnson Okojie, a veteran Nollywood actress, turned 39 on August 28. She used the occasion to provide a stirring speech about the meaning of life.

The mother of four showcased her timeless beauty and discussed the value of contentment in a series of gorgeous social media photoshoots. She encouraged her followers to join her in praising her creator by posting inspirational comments along with her post about what life means to her.

Beloved Nollywood star Mercy Johnson has added another year today, August 28, 2023. The movie star took to social media to share elegant pictures of herself in luxury dinner attire.

She was overwhelmed with thanks for God’s love and remarked that life was not a right but rather a gift from her creator.

She continued, “I am happy with what I have at this time in my life,” and invited her followers and flowers to join her in praising her creator.

“Contentment is a realisation that life is a gift, not a right, and true happiness comes after contentment.

“Please, You don’t have to post my picture, just say a silent “Thank you prayer to God for me” Birthday Girl…”

Celebrities and netizens sent the actress warm wishes in the comment area.

Reactions to Mercy Johnson’s birthday post

See their comments below:


“Mami nothing will cut short your life, the Lord will keep promoting you and your household, your position over your home will not be taken by another keep soaring higher with longevity and productivity through CHRIST JESUS AMEN.”


May your days be filled with joy and love, surrounded by the warmth of your family. As you continue to shine in your career, may your family be your unwavering support and your haven of love. As you make your birthday wishes, may they reflect the love you have for your family. May your journey be marked by success, with your family always at your side, the source of your strength. Happy Birthday, ma’am. May your family remain your guiding light. Amen.”


“Happy birthday mama, I wish you all the good things of life .”

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