Osanju: Ghanaian TikToker Attempts To Get Lady’s Number In Viral Video, Sparks Reactions

Osanju: Ghanaian TikToker Attempts To Get Lady's Number In Viral Video, Sparks Reactions

In a video, TikToker Osanju visits a barbershop where he meets a young lady he finds attractive and strikes up a chat with her.

Osanju asked about the lady’s education during the talk, and she responded that she was a first-year high school student. Osanju was astonished to learn the woman was so young and could not believe it, but he still asked for her contact information.

Popular TikToker Osanju visited a nearby barbershop where he became enthralled by a young woman who was also there for a haircut and struck up a chat with her.

Osanju, who could not quite believe the lady’s age, appeared briefly stunned by the information. Osanju still asked for the young lady’s contact information despite his seeming surprise.

Some of his TikTok followers didn’t like this decision. Followers of the video who were concerned about the scenario expressed their uneasiness in the comment area. Many cautioned Osanju and reminded him of the possible repercussions of seeking a relationship with someone so much younger. Some people warned him that his actions could land him in Nsawam Prison.

Reactions from social media users.

kimbery said:

You could see the girl wasn’t comfortable

Deon Nana said:

Bro wan end his career

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