“She Really Struggled With Me”: Man Constructs a New House for Mother Using His First Salary as a Teacher.

Teacher Safari Bornface Tuluba has done what many sons aspire to do which is to build a new house for their mothers

With the help of his first income, savings, and a few loans from friends, he completed the two-year project.

Safari explains that he put his mother’s house ahead of his own as a means of saying “thank you” to her for overcoming so many obstacles to make sure he received an education.

As a child, Safari Bornface Tuluba observed how his mother struggled to support the family and send him and his siblings to school.

Given that they are from a humble background, they were raised in a dilapidated house that did little to protect them from the elements of the weather

The third born was touched by his mother’s sacrifice to the point where he made a self-promise to upgrade her the moment he began to make money.

Building the house took two years.

Shortly after he was employed as a teacher, Safari embarked on a mission to build a new house for the mum, saving his first salary for the project.

The man from Choi village, Akachiu ward in Igembe South of Meru country, said that the construction was made possible through salary, savings, and a small loan.

With N5.7 million, the grateful son was able to demolish the rundown house they grew up in and replace it with a two-bedroom permanent house.

“The groundbreaking was done on December 31, 2021, so I can say the house has taken me two years to complete,” he said with pride.

Safari decided to build for mother first.

It is simple to presume that the family man already owned a house for himself when he began construction on one for his mother, but that is not the case.

Safari explained that he began with the mother’s because she had a tremendously difficult time getting him through high school and all the way to Egerton University.

The sacrifice and eventual milestones, he says, are things that seemed impossible in their poor family back then.

“Mum was very great, happy and cheerful because her initial house was leaking and flooded during the rainy season,” he continued.

Safari continues by saying how fortunate he is to be married to a patient and understanding wife who agreed that they should change the mother’s living arrangement first before considering themselves.

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