Temi Otedola declares,”The brokest I’ve ever been is $1200.”

The Nigerian actress Temi Otedola, who is the daughter of well-known billionaire Femi Otedola, disclosed that $1,200 was the least amount she has ever owned.

The 27-year-old revealed the information in an interview with the most recent vlog from well-known YouTuber Korty EO.

Korty EO asked: “What’s the brokest (poorest)  you’ve ever been.?

Temi Otedola answered; “a $1200.

Temi Otedola claims that she earned the sum of money while working at three retail establishments at the age of fifteen.

“One summer, when I was 15 my mum basically said that this is the heat we stop giving you pocket money so if you want any money for summer, you have to go and work.

“So for that summer I went to work in retail stores, I did like three retail stores, like just folding clothes, you go to the stock room get clothes and I would recommend that to any child because you really start learning the value of like $1, N1 or whatever and you are like okay me standing on this shop floor for 12 hours, I’ve earned this money so that year when I went to festivals with my friends, I was like okay this is the money I earned and end of that summer I had made a $1200 and I was proud of that”, she said.

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