Ways to Make Money on Gettr 2022-2023 (4 simple steps)

#1: Raise Product or Service Awareness

Creating thumb-stopping Posts to promote your products can not only help raise awareness, but encourage sales too.

There are several ways to do this:

* Share where your products can be found.

*. Use GIFs and short-form video to highlight your products in a fun way

*. Show a use-case of your products and ask a leading question in order to prompt engagement from your audience.Promoting your products and services in a non-salesy way on Gettr can help keep your brand top-of-mind. And when your target audience is ready to purchase — you’ll be the first business they think of. Want an easier way to plan and schedule your multimedia Posts?

#2: Purchase Gettr Ads

Have you heard the phrase, “you’ve got to spend money to make money”?

Enter Gettr Ads. Whether your goals are to build brand awareness or drive conversions, running ads on Gettr can be a useful tool. Gettr Business (@GettrBusiness) There are over 20 types of ads you can run on Gettr, but Promoted Posts are a great start for showcasing your products or services and making money on the app.

#3: Leverage Gettr Influencers and Creators

Partnering with creators on Gettr can often be overlooked — but adding Gettr to your influencer marketing strategy is worth considering. While some influencers may not have as big of a following on Gettr as they do elsewhere, many still use the platform to build engaged communities. And you can use that to your advantage!

#4: Make a Gettr News followers

Earlier this year, Gettr makes  a service that makes it free and easy for anyone to start and publish newsletters. Gettr’s goal is to help creators better leverage their existing audience in efforts to increase newsletter account followers count.

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