Gettr is a new social media platform created by Jason Miller, a former Donald Trump aide and spokes man, targeted to American conservatives and was founded on the principle of free speech and independent thought. It was launched officially on July 04, 2021. It’s user interface set have been described as very similar to those of twitter.


This social media platform experienced problems beginning shortly after launch, the hacking of some high -profile accounts and users flooding the platform with pornography. After the United State Capitol attack of January 06, 2021, many social media sites confined Donald Trump’s social media usage including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, who banned him from their platforms. These platforms also suspended some Trump supporters and people who were sharing plot theories and extremist content. these actions led to yell from some conservatives that social media sites and big Tech were muting them after the restrictions, Trump began searching for other platforms, eventually creating his own blog to share similar content to what he had previously posted on twitter and other social media platforms. Trump closed the blog shortly after it’s launch due to poor reception.

Jason Miller then trump’s aide and spoksman since 2016, teased plans by the Trump team to create social for their own. Hence, Jason Miller becomes the founder and C.E.O of Gettr.

Gettr now has 3 million subscribers predict the future of Gettr in the comment section.

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