What You Can Do With Gettr Timeline

When you log in to GETTR, you will find yourself on your Home timeline that display a lot of information from friends, news agencies and many more. There are four activities you can perform in your timeline and this are

  • Here, you can find posts from accounts you have chosen to follow on GETTR. You can reply, repost, or like a post from within the timeline. in your timeline it allows you to follow and unfollowed any account. following someone account allow you to have access to what ever they share in their account.

Also you can reply any account you follows post and those that you don’t follow this makes it easy to make new friends when the suggestion you made under their post benefited them or got interest.

Reposting other people post or your own post make it easier to give information to your users without typing or designing images to impress your followers, you simply needs to click on the Repost button to re-share the post you found interested.

Every body in this world needs a congratulation message so in your timeline you are given a chance to like other people post and your post as well once you like a post in your timeline the owner of the post and other people following the account might be able to see who ever reacted on the post.

  • You may also see posts or reposts in your timeline submitted by the accounts you have followed. seeing post in account is you follow the primary function of gettr because day in day out people give suggestion to question and post questions as well and looking forward for solutions.
  • To see photos, videos and text in a specific post, simply click or tap anywhere on that post to expand it.

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