WhatsApp has announced a new feature that lets users create groups without names. revised on Thursday

WhatsApp has announced a new feature that lets users create groups without names. revised on Thursday

Another upgrade to WhatsApp has been disclosed by Mark Zuckerberg for users of Android and iOS devices worldwide.

Users can now create group chats without having to think of a name, according to a statement from Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp. Instead, a name automatically formed based on participants would be provided to the unidentified groups.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, posted a screenshot of the new function on his Facebook profile and shared it with the Rocco & Li-Chen group.


How the new WhatsApp feature will operate Although this is only a minor improvement, the simplicity of not having to manually name each group chat will be useful for delivering group messages for occasional occasions. Unnamed groups will only be allowed six members, down from the typical WhatsApp group size of over a thousand, according to TechCrunch.

When a user saves contacts, WhatsApp will merge the user’s saved contacts’ names to form a group name. As a result, if a contact is saved with the name “Mom,” “Mom” will appear as the name in the group chat.

In the next days, this new automated group naming tool will be made available to WhatsApp users on iOS, Android, the web, and macOS. One of the numerous new WhatsApp features that have been formally unveiled recently is the most recent upgrade. These include a feature for quick video messaging, the capacity for screen sharing, and the ability to share photographs of greater quality with less compression.

WhatsApp introduces broadcast messaging functionality for organizations and enterprises As part of an experiment to provide its users with more conversational options, WhatsApp had pushed out a broadcast-based messaging tool called Channels on WhatsApp.

Future plans for the functionality include monetization by the company. The admins’ contact information won’t be displayed on the channels. On the new WhatsApp feature, channels will show up under the Updates tab.

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