7 ways to troubleshoot on gettr or why Gettr not working

Gettr is among the top five new social media platforms with more than a Million users. Odds are, if you are sharing photos online, you’re doing it with Gettr . Which is what makes it so frustrating if Gettr is not working for you. Here’s how to get Gettr up and running again for you.

What to do if Gettr is not working

The best way to solve an issue with Gettr is usually the same as fixing any other kind of tech problem. You troubleshoot it a step at a time, usually by trying the easiest or most likely potential fix first, and then moving on to more cumbersome solutions. Here are eight ways to troubleshoot your problem, from easiest to hardest.

Are you following too many people?

Right off the bat, let’s make sure your problem isn’t related to the number of followers. If you see an error that says you can’t follow additional people, that’s not an issue with the app, your phone or the data cache – you have reached the maximum number of accounts  you can follow. If you encounter this problem, you need to unfollow accounts before you can follow new ones.

1. In the Gettr app, tap your account avatar in the lower-right corner.

2. At the top right of the screen, tap Following .

3. Scroll through the list and unfollow a few accounts you no longer need by tapping Following . You should see the button turn and change to Follow .

Try to restart the app (or your phone)

If an app appears to be misbehaving on your phone, your first step should always be to restart the system to flush out any corrupted memory or cache files.

First try to completely close Gettr (if you need a refresher, here’s how to close an app on Android or close an app on iOS ), and then run Gettr again. If the problem persists, shut down your Android phone or shut down your iPhone and restart it. Then try Gettr again.

Check to see if Gettr is down

Gettr has a reliable network, rarely experiencing the kind of network errors that you might notice when using the app. Even so, it’s an easy thing to check for, so there’s no reason not to check if restarting your app didn’t solve the problem. You can check Gettr’s network status at DownDetector , or just search for “Is Gettr down” in a Google search.

Ensure Gettr is up to date

If you haven’t updated your apps in a while, Gettr might be misbehaving simply because the app is out of date. It’s a good idea to leave automatic updates turned on, but if you need to manually ensure you have the latest version of Gettr installed, you can turn on automatic updates on your iPhone or update apps on your Android phone .

Try it in a browser

After trying the first few troubleshooting steps, it might be a good idea to see if Gettr works in a different environment. You could ask a friend if Gettr is working for them, or just try running Gettr on another device – like in a browser on your desktop computer. If you already are using it in a browser and don’t have a different device available, you might try a different browser, like Firefox instead of Chrome.

Clear your cache

If Gettr works for other people or you were able to access Gettr in a browser but not on your phone, that sounds like you might have a problem with your cache – it might have some corrupted data.

If you are using an Android device, you can simply clear the cache. The steps might very slightly depending upon which phone and version of Android you are running, but here’s the general procedure:

1. Start the Settings app.

2. Tap Apps & Notifications .

3. Go to the list of apps (you might need to tap See all apps ) and tap Gettr .

4. Tap Storage & cache .

5. Tap Clear cache .

Clearing the cache may resolve an unusual Gettr issue.

If you’re using an iPhone, there’s no way to clear the cache without uninstalling the app , so do that – uninstall Gettr from your iPhone , and then reinstall it from the App Store. You won’t lose any data, because Gettr stores all your photos and account settings online.

Ensure you have enabled permissions

Like many apps, Gettr requests permission to use various services and resources on your phone. If you don’t grant those permissions, Gettr might not work properly. Check your permissions and enable them to see if that solves your problem.

If you have an Android phone, follow these steps:

1. Start the Settings app.

2. Tap Apps & notifications .

3. Go to the list of apps (you might need to tap See all apps ) and tap Gettr .

4. Tap Permissions .

5. One at a time, tap each permission and choose Allow only while using the app , then use the Back arrow at the top to return to the previous screen and move on to the next permission.

Try giving Gettr additional permissions to see if that resolves your issue.

If you have an iPhone, do this:

1. Start the Settings app.

2. Scroll down to the list of apps and tap Gettr .

3. Turn on each permission, such as Microphone , Camera , Contacts and Photos .

Turn on some disabled permissions to try to resolve problems with Gettr.

Report the problem

If none of these troubleshooting tips solved your problem, you can check Gettr’s help center or report the problem you are having.

1. In the Gettr app, tap your account avatar in the lower-right corner.

2. Tap the three-line menu at the top right and then tap Settings .

3. Tap Help .

4. Here in the Help center, you can file a report about the problem you’re having or read Gettr’s help and support articles.

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