How to delete gettr account

I don’t think that you shouldn’t delete your Gettr account as long as you keep your personal life out of it however thousands of people delete their gettr account daily because of various reasons they encounter using gettr app or gettrr website. If you are having account issue such as e.g Missing gettr post, suspicious Direct Messages, Theft, Cyber stalking, Cyber bullying, incorrect follower or following counts, or potential account compromise  because they just can’t stop posting their personal stuff on it which results in getting themselves in a heck of troubles.

 Taking break from gettr, sometimes it’s good to take a step back from everything that’s going on. Or if you’re looking for a permanent break, I can help you too. Follow my step-by-step instructions on how to delete your gettr account.

  • Delete all your post. In attempt to delete your gettr account you must first delete all the previous post you have made in your account to make it difficult for people to identify you even if search engine is able to show information about you.
  • Change your profile picture. Changing your profile picture will make it difficult for people to identify you. You can choose any picture or no picture at all so as to make the account look empty.
  • Change your users name or your profile name. changing your profile name can make it much more difficult for you to be recognize by friends.
  • Unfollow all your followers if you can. When you unfollow all your followers they might not recognize it because their following will reduce by one and it is not easy for them to identify or seen.
  • Cancel all the following. It is very important to cancel or un follow all the people you are following and at the same time their followers will be reduce by one and they might find it hard to identify who has left.
  • Finally unsubscribe email message or notification in your e mail account and your not get the fuck promotion or updating message from gettr officials.  
  • You can allow your account to be a ghost room where by you may not post or hear anything about it. In future you can change your plan and think of coming back you can use that your old abandon account or create new but mind you if you use the abandon one you will be guaranteed in so many promotional or user friendly because of the age of the account.  

NOTE:  Also you can also choose these method by visiting gettr help center to identify their dos and don’ts make sure you will do what they have ask not to do and your account will be suspended for at least 30 days or a month or two. Check again if they have unsuspended or release your account by so doing gettr officials might delete your account permanently and will never allow you to register for gettr again with that gmail account you use for that registration.

I believe with time gettr officials will come out with easy ways to delete your gettr account once they get the number of users they are targeting to make profit or to sustain the business day to day activities.

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