Gettr is a new social media founded by Jason Miller in the year 2021with the aim of making it free speech platform but how ever people have really sign up and join the platform to making it the most subscribe newest social media in the year 2021.

However due to day to day user experiences most or few people choose to deactivate or leave the platform when the get bored, harassed, scammer alert, etc. some too want to deactivate not because of any bad reason.

It is good to delete your account and sign up later rather than using it and at the same time complaining about one thing all the time.

There are so many social media platform out there and you need to choose one that suit you best but not because you love the C.E.Os. of the website, you belong to one party, family etc. the choice is yours you are the C.E.Os.  of your mobile phone or the computer choose what to delete and sign up and you will be less stress when you are able to control your time.

This are the most simple and easy steps to delete your gettr account regardless of your location.

  1. Go to the Gettr website and log into your account with your computer or mobile phone.
  • Go to settings on the menu bar.
  • Go to the account deletion  option to go ahead and delete.

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